Fossil: Fossil Repositories

Filename Project Name Description Last Modified
0xGA.fossil 0xGA Yet another PHP framework, but made for org-mode and geeks. 4.36 years
carp.fossil carp A python graphical and terminal EncFS front-end 143.3 days
cgitui.fossil Fossil cgit UI A fossil theme trying to mimic cgit ui 197.3 days
codeperso.fossil Codes divers Divers bouts de code de ma composition 15.1 days
fossil.fossil Fossil Fossil SCM 22.4 days
hubic-gtk.fossil HubicGTK HubicGTK is a system tray icon for hubiC, the online storage service by OVH SAS. 2.56 years
magl.fossil Magl Very simple and tiny libravatar server 247.8 days
neruda.fossil neruda A simplistic way to publish a book online 3.2 days
paul.fossil Paul Online event coordination and survey application 176.3 days
pkgrosetta.fossil PKG Rosetta Codebase of website, which helps you find concordance between Gnu/Linux or BSD packages name. 3.26 years
serie.fossil Serie Expérimentation d'écriture sociale 4.54 years