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Yet another PHP framework, but made for org-mode and geeks.

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Logo: I'm a unicorn too!

Narv is a python3 tiny application server, which aims is mainly to host Org-Mode based websites.

It is a complete rewriting of my previous attempt, written in PHP.


It is as simple as the following command: wget -O narv_install.sh http://projects.depar.is/0xGA/raw/narv_install.sh?name=f41e25da5531fa0b9d213836ed23b4dc6f29e341 && bash narv_install.sh

It require the following commands to be present on your system:

  • base64
  • gzip
  • install
  • wget

Get involved

The code is released under the terms of the WTFPL v2. Feel free to submit new tickets or bug reports or share proposals.