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Parents and children of check-in [c033389140]

Cherry-pick [ac199e7a8a]: Explicitly query the client mouse coordinates, to fix the positioning of tooltips for nodes in IE. check-in: 3b5e74c4ca user: florian tags: tooltip-copyhash
Tune the SVG image data URI for IE: remove the (invalid) encoding tag, and URL-encode the smaller than and greater than signs. check-in: c033389140 user: florian tags: tooltip-copyhash
Move the code to setup the "Copy Hash" icon to a separate function, and link the icon to the target element through a "data-copytarget" attribute, so that "Copy Hash" icons could be added in other places than just tooltips. check-in: 54f0ae7813 user: florian tags: tooltip-copyhash